Episode 1: Google Calendar v. the Competition
by Michael Arrington on March 15, 2006

For our inaugural podcast, we invite Ethan Stock, Founder of Zvents and Narendra Rocherolle, Founder of 30boxes, to discuss Google’s new Calendar product, to be called “CL2″. We also talk about how Zvents and 30Boxes will (somehow) find a way to compete as the big guys enter the space with next generation calendar and event search products. Also participating are Nik Cubrilovic and Keith Teare.

Podcast Notes:

  • Narendra talks about how he sold, bought back and re-sold Webshots.com for a total of $150 million
  • We discuss the very low costs of creating a new web startup today
  • Mike talks about why CL2 will be very hard to compete against
  • Ethan and Narendra defend their startups
  • Discussion of the importance of synching in and out of calendars to Outlook
  • Ethan and Narendra talk about new upcoming features
  • Discussion of marketing strategies for CL2 competitors
  • TechCrunch profiles on Zvents and 30Boxes


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