Episode 4: Battle of the Online Feed Readers
by Michael Arrington on April 3, 2006

The fourth episode of TalkCrunch is a discussion with executives of four of my favorite online feed readers: NewsGator, Attensa, Rojo and Feedlounge.

I brought on Frank Gruber as a co-host, who wrote a comparison post of nine online readers last week on TechCrunch. The conversation focuses on feature comparisions, issues around slowdown as all of these companies are seeing massive growth, and upcoming products in the pipeline.

I did my best to create controversy, even calling “bullshit” on a statement by Chris Alden that the online guys aren’t trying to beat eachother up, but rather grow the RSS market together. We also discussed Feedlounge’s prospects as the only non-free online feed reader on the market.


Greg Reinacker, Founder and CTO, NewsGator
Eric Hayes, Founder and VP, Attensa
Chris Alden, Founder and CEO, Rojo
Alex King, Founder, Feedlounge

Running time: 57.00m
Download Size: 26.1MB


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