Episode 6: Sphere Launch
by Nik Cubrilovic on May 1, 2006

The long-awaited blog search engine Sphere launches at 10 PM tonight. In this episode of Talkcrunch we speak with Tony Conrad and Toni Schneider about the Sphere story.

Tony Conrad is the CEO and co-founder of Sphere. Toni Schneider, formerly the CEO of Oddpost, is currently the CEO of Automattic (wordpress.com, wordpress.org, etc.) and an advisor to Sphere. In the podcast we talk about the motivation to starting Sphere, what problems it solves and how it competes along with some of the challenges and technical problems involved in developing a blog search engine. There are some very interesting insights here from two guys who have been involved in working with blogs and new web technologies for a long time.

The TechCrunch post on the launch of Sphere is here.

Running Time: 58:05
Size: 51.3 MB


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