Episode 11: Elliot Noss Talks About Kiko Acquisition
by Nik Cubrilovic on September 6, 2006

Kiko, one of the first online Ajax calendars, gave up in the face of intense competition just a year after funding (by Ycombinator) and launch. The founders put the site up for sale on ebay…and it sold for $258,100.

The buyer was a twelve year old Toronto-based Internet company called Tucows. Tucows CEO Elliot Noss wrote about why he purchased Kiko on his blog here. Earlier this evening Michael Arrington got Elliot to speak with him about the transaction, which is attached here. Interesting facts: Tucows isn’t interested in the domain name and may sell it later, and the final price jumped over $100,000 in the final two minutes of bidding.

TechCrunch posts on Kiko are here.

Time: 19:35
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