Episode 12: Featuring Om Malik, Robert Scoble and Michael Arrington
by Nik Cubrilovic on September 24, 2006

Episode 12 of TalkCrunch features Robert Scoble at Scobleizer, Om Malik at Gigaom and Michael Arrington at TechCrunch. They speak for just over an hour about their favorite startups and the hot news this week in tech. Topics covered include the state of VOIP, next week’s Yahoo Hack Day and Robert Scoble’s hot new tv show that’s launching Monday, ScobleShow.

Companies mentioned include Digg, Facebook, Myspace, Skype, PicksPal, TechMeme, Jajah, PersonalBee, Scrapblog, Rebtel, Hullo and GrandCentral.

Time: 60 minutes
Size: 27.7 MB


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