Here Comes Adobe Apollo
by Michael Arrington on December 16, 2006

Steve Gillmor and I recently spoke with Adobe senior vice president and chief software architect Kevin Lynch about the upcoming release of the Apollo platform. Apollo, the code name for “a cross-operating system runtime” is a platform that will allow developers to create to desktop applications using existing web development skills such as Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript and Ajax. Web applications can be run online or offline through Apollo, which will also have the traditional benefits of desktop applications – speed, drag and drop functionality from the desktop to the application, and accessing the file system. Apollo is cross-platform, meaning any application developed for it will run on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. And they are promising easy porting of existing web applications to the Apollo platform.

Adobe is counting on platforms like Apollo to drive future revenue growth. Look for a developer release in the near future and a full release in 2007. More on TechCrunch, including screenshots.

Time: 37:32 Minutes
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