A Talk With James Hong, Co-Founder of HotOrNot
by Michael Arrington on July 9, 2007

I finally had a chance to record a call with James Hong, the co-founder of HotOrNot, to discuss their new Hotlist product (see TechCrunch coverage on this today for a full overview).

In the first part of the interview, Hong talks about the history of the six year old company, which has never taken venture capital and has been profitable from its first months of operation. See our post on TechCrunch from earlier this year where we also cover some of the history of the company.

The new Hotlist product allows HotOrNot users to add brands, bands, people, or anything else to their profile to help others quickly figure out what kinds of things they like to spend their money and time on. It not only helps HotOrNot users quickly find other people with similar interests, but it also gives the company an unprecedented amount of information about their user base. That information can be used for super targeted advertising, and spotting of up and coming trends.

Time: 39:35 Minutes

Size: 9.06 MB


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