Interview With 2008 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney
by Michael Arrington on November 1, 2007

Last week I mentioned that we had scheduled a podcast interview with Governor Mitt Romney, a Republican candidate for President in 2008.

In our original post we asked the readers to come up with questions that they would like us to ask Governor Romney. The feedback was great, and we put together a list of what people think are the most important technology related questions that they wanted to hear about.

But there was no way we would get through all of those questions in the time we had with Governor Romney. So we divided the list up and asked about half of them. The campaign says the will try to make time to do a follow up podcast soon. Meanwhile, we are talking to other presidential candidates as well and we’ll use the same basic questions. When we’ve done a few of these, we’ll be able to compare the candidates on the issues.

More details and a transcript are available at TechCrunch. I want to thank Governor Romney and his campaign for making time for this, and also for being the first candidate to step up and talk to us.


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